“Robin and Jaimie have put together a masterpiece. It’s funny. It’s informative.
It’s brutally honest.”
—Judy Gold


Now the two hosts have written a book, If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We’ve Learned About Making An LGBTQ Family, based on dozens of interviews to help address recurring questions that came up during their podcast. Is it important to have a child with your genetics? How does one pick a sperm donor? How will you talk to your children about where they came from? And just how does one pay for a baby because rumor has it, it costs a lot? 

With insights and stories from guests such as StaceyAnn Chin, Judy Gold, and State Senator Zach Wahls, Jaimie and Robin go humorously in-depth and guide you on a journey that is equal parts funny, serious, happy, sad, celebratory, cautionary, and powerful. You can read this book cover-to-cover or skip around like your very own LGBTQ choose your own baby adventure book. You’ll learn a lot and laugh even more along the way! Who knew making a baby could be this much fun?

JAIMIE KELTON and ROBIN HOPKINS, the creators and hosts of the popular podcast If These Ovaries Could Talk, realized the world needed to know there was more than one way to make an LGBTQ family. Each of their families came about in different ways, so how many other stories were out there? Turns out, lots. Inspired, the two friends launched their podcast asking LGTBQ families every question imaginable about their journeys to parenthood.

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Want an autographed copy of the book? We'll ship you a copy of the print book fresh with Jaimie and Robin's Hancocks. We'll also personalize the inscription too for just $24.95 plus $6.00 shipping and handling. Email ovariestalk@gmail.com to give signature or inscription details. 

Want an autographed copy of the book? 

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